Pet Care Designed to Enhance Health & Extend Life in Dogs & Cats

Our wish for every dog and cat is simply this: Be well.

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Center City Veterinary Hospital offers an intense focus on wellness, that state of health and wellbeing that promotes happiness, overall vigor, and a positive relationship between pet and owner.

Pet Health Care for Dogs & Cats

General preventive care is designed to maintain a state of good health and vigor, as well as to identify and address developing problems at the earliest possible moment. Early identification and treatment of health concerns restores balance and wellbeing in your canine and feline companions with minimum discomfort.

The first step to promoting wellness in a healthy pet is the annual visit. At this visit, each pet receives a complete physical exam, with laboratory testing for parasites and any health issues, vaccines for specific diseases, an oral assessment to determine the need for dental care, and preventive medications as needed. Your pet is weighed and a nutritional review is completed, to identify any issues and make dietary changes.

During the first year of life, we pay close attention to behavioral issues and concerns. Puppy and kitten counseling is provided to address issues like socialization, basic training, and proper pet behavior. Discussion during first year visits includes such topics as spaying and neutering, microchipping, and grooming for appropriate skin and coat care.

Contact Center City Veterinary Hospital to schedule a complete wellness exam for each of your special pets.

Positive Nutrition for Complete Health

Nutrition is the foundation for all health. Sound nutrition provides for appropriate growth in the puppy and kitten stage, positive condition and vigor in adult dogs and cats, and immune support in senior pets.

We often recommend a Royal Canin diet for our patients. Royal Canin offers nutrition specifically formulated for cats and dogs: large or small, young or old, purebred or mixed breed. And, when your pet needs prescription diet products, we are able to order and receive them within 48 hours.

Visit the Royal Canin website for more information.

Education & Support Online

We provide each pet owner with handouts to support and guide you. Our wellness care topics include the following:

Enjoy these handouts online or download and print, for posting at home.

“Bailey absolutely loves going! Every time we take a walk past their building, Bailey waits at the door to go in. He doesn't even notice when they give him a shot because he's so preoccupied with the treats the technician is giving him.”

“After struggling to get appointments at my old vet I was thrilled to find that Center City Vet is not only flexible, but friendly, affordable and knowledgable. I have felt nothing but appreciated and welcomed at this practice. My cats even seemed to have the best appointments of their lives (in terms of calmness) due to the gentle but thorough. I think the greenies treats helped too! Highly recommend this practice!”

“My dog Molly has been a patient since we adopted her at 6 months old. She loves Dr. Cohen as much as we do. He is a brilliant veterinarian with a love for animals you expect from a Vet but rarely find.” — Joshua

“Dr. Cohen and the rest of the staff at Center City vet are fantastic. They are very quick when an appointment is needed and thorough. My cat Dexter and I have become spoiled because they take such good care of him! Thanks for everything you guys do!” — Emilee

“I have been bringing my dog to Center City Vet Hospital since they first opened. All of the staff is extremely professional and caring. I am glad to see that their business continues to grow without any effect on the quality of their service. I highly recommend taking your pet here.”

“The staff at CCVH are incredible. They go out of their way to ensure our pup is getting the best care possible. Our rescue dog has extreme separation anxiety, and he has always been available to help answer our questions, no matter what the concern. The facility is beyond bright and clean, and is by far the best vet hospital in the city.”

“The staff is so nice and the hospital is very efficient and clean.  It’s never too crowded and we’re in and out for a physical/vaccine update in about 30-40 min.  I lived around the corner when I first adopted my dog, so I went to CCVH out of convenience, but after moving across town and loving the service, I continued going.”

“The nurses are kind and caring. My dogs even like to go visit regularly. What dog do you know likes to go to the vet just to visit and say hi ??!   They have always fit my animals in, even when they are booked. Their prices are extremely reasonable, unlike other neighborhood veterinarians. ”

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